1. Admission forms duly completed/filled in all respects along with the certified photocopy of birth certificate and certified photocopy of marks sheet of the class last attended enclosed with admission form, to be submitted at the School Administrative Office between 10 am to 3 pm on all working days.
  2. Based on the evaluation, interaction and other admission criteria, the school reserves the right to admit students who are found fit for admission. The decision of the Principal shall be final.


None of the fees is refundable except for the Caution Money, which will be refunded after leaving the school on producing the original receipt of caution money.

  1. School fee is to be paid in instalment basis, quarterly – in the month of June, September, December & March positively by 10 of the first month of the quarter, or in one installment for the whole year at the beginning of the term.
  2. The School accepts payment from participants via bank transfer/cheque/cash. Individuals paying via bank transfer must notify the School of the payment and need to return a signed declaration form.
  3. A reminder for quarterly fee will be provided by the school.
  4.  In case of failure to make payment in time, name of the student will be struck off the rolls after the first month of the quarter.


  1. 80% attendance is compulsory for all the students to appear in the final examination held at the end of the academic year.
  2.  No leave of absence is granted except on an application by parents or guardians for plausible reasons only.
  3.  Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days, renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee at the discretion of the Principal.
  4.  A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a fitness certificate, permitting him/her to attend the school.
  5.  Parents are requested to submit a leave application in case of the child is absent from school. No child is allowed to leave the school during school hours without a note of request from parents duly signed by the Principal.
  6. The school reserves the right to remove the participant from the course or exclude a participant from Gnanodaya’s premises if the behaviour or demeanour of the participant is considered unacceptable. The participant agrees to comply with all applicable policies and regulations of the School.


  • Parents/ Guardians who intend to withdraw their child / ward from the School (except Classes 9 and 11) should apply for a Transfer Certificate (T.C.) during the month of March at the end of an academic year.
  • Transfer Certificate will not be issued to students withdrawn after completion of class 9 or class 11 as the candidate is registered for class 10 or Class 12 board examination with the respective examination board.
  • The application for Transfer Certificate should be made in the form prescribed by the School by a Parent or the Authorized Guardian of the pupil, along with a processing fee of Rs.200/- 
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued to those students whose School fees and dues have been fully paid for the academic year in which the Transfer Certificate is sought.
  • Once a student has taken Transfer Certificate and withdrawn from Gnanodaya, if the parent wants to again admit the student back into the School, the admission will be considered as a fresh admission and the parent has to pay a fresh admission fee along with Annual School Fee – on par with a fresh admission.


  • The School Administration Team reserves the absolute right at their discretion, to issue Transfer Certificate to any pupil, if:
  • School Administration Team is not satisfied with the general conduct of the student on the campus in terms of discipline, moral and decent behaviour or for instigating other students against the School systems and Values (or)
  • If the student is absent from School campus without sanction of leave, for more than a week, during the session/term (or)
  • The student is found practicing unfair means in tests and exams (or)
  • If the parents/guardians fail to pay the Instalment of the Annual School Fee, the admission of the student is liable to be terminated by the School, without giving any notice to the parent/guardian regarding the same. 
  • If it is discovered at a later date, that any of the information furnished by the parent/guardian in the student registration form and the Medical History sheet – at the time of admission – is false, the School Management has the right to cancel the admission of the student.
  • If it is found that the student does not score the qualifying marks for promotion (50% in annual qualifying exams), in spite of the best efforts of his/her teachers, the School Management may terminate the admission of such student, unless the child has learning difficulty certified by Educational Counsellor.