primary school

grade 1 - 4

primary school

Young kids are raw, rebels and learn best when they know they are valued. Gnanodaya makes it its mission to identify the uniqueness in each child and bring out their best as they step into the world of formal schooling. Each child is special, different in their own way and needs support to take their stand. They are encouraged to try, to learn, to fly and to fall, but most of all stand back up right after, to surge ahead. It is a perfect time to grow through trial and error.


learning at primary school

Hobbies is endorsed widely at Gnanodaya to help the child have a holistic development. Classes instil an appreciation for a multi-faceted approach to learning and establish a firm foundation for continued study.

academic preparation

field trips

interaction based learning

mandatory recreation hour

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summer projects

sports hour

Every child is a unique flower in the garden of GPS; with its own beauty and fragrance, making the garden what it is. The school fosters a passion for learning and nurtures an all-round development of the child in mind & character.