Our youngest learners discover meaning through exploration and integrated lessons. In classrooms that are filled to the brim with a multitude of play-based learning activities, it is through a child’s own natural curiosity, autonomy, and free choice that the desire to learn is ignited, and once piqued, children will explore, question, collaborate, predict, experiment, tinker, analyse, and have a lot of fun as they learn.


learning at pre-school

At Gnanodaya Pre-school, learning is fun and teaching is a pleasure. Young minds are experiencing education for the first time and we intend to make it a strong foundation. The little seeds are allowed to sprout as we support them.

cognitive skills

social skills

Manners & Etiquettes


picture talk

indoor play time

outdoor recreation

Every child is a unique flower in the garden of GPS; with its own beauty and fragrance, making the garden what it is. The school fosters a passion for learning and nurtures an all-round development of the child in mind & character.