Gnanodaya Public School has a satisfying infrastructure and a peep through it will give us a better understanding of the school.

Each classroom houses a large area and is designed, such that every student gets the teachers maximum attention. Each classroom equipped with a huge green board, a bulletin board which supports the learning process. The strength of 25 students in each classrooom enhances their learning process, which in turn is supported by well designed ergo-centric furniture.

Many classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching through TATA Class Edge. The interactive board in the class room can bring any matter from any corner of the world right into the classroom with the click of the mouse. Teachers too are benefitted by the state of art multi-media. They can browse the lessons, lesson plans and also get their work sheet ready for each of the lessons.

"Education should be as gradual as a moonrise, perceptible not in progress, but in result." A classroom curriculum sets and maintains the higher standards of learning. The formal curriculum includes both formal classroom instructions as well as a number of planned opportunities for informal, self initiated learning.