Gnanodaya Residence Life Program

Gnanodaya has a unique Residence program than any other school around. The program is centered on the development of young & adolescent children and prepping them for a life beyond the gates of the school. Your child will develop skills of Independence, Discipline, Self-Reliance, Resilience, Responsibility, Mannerism, Etiquettes, and much much more.

A cohesive community is fundamental to making our Boarding Program a pleasant and fruitful experience for the student as well the Parents. Self-discipline, Consideration, Courtesy towards others, and high standards for behaviour and community involvement are all key components of our Program.

As residents progress through the year, they build friendships, find strength in both trials and triumphs, and grow in ways they never thought possible. Boarders bring warmth and a genuine connection to all that they meet, they are open and generous to all new wards, knowing that a friendly face is very important not only in the first few days but on each and every day.

Balancing academics and extracurricular activities, while learning to live independently, can be challenging and also a great goal when accomplished. The boarders are each taught and pushed harder every day to be and act responsibly. A House Council (Parent Teacher) leads weekly get-togethers for all boarding students. The purpose is to ensure all boarding students are comfortable, accountable and have a close circle of friends and mentors.


life at GPS

Each child is encouraged to live out the ideals of our boarding program through our house goals

To be Kind and Respectful

To find Friendships and Joy

To be Responsible

To be their Unique selves

Every child is a unique flower in the garden of GPS; with its own beauty and fragrance, making the garden what it is. The school fosters a passion for learning and nurtures an all-round development of the child in mind & character.